Who is the least favorite Walking Dead character? (2023)

Who is the most loved character in The Walking Dead?

The 15 Best Walking Dead Characters, According To Ranker
  • Abraham Ford. ...
  • Maggie Greene. ...
  • Hershel Greene. ...
  • Carol Peletier. ...
  • Michonne Hawthorne. ...
  • Rick Grimes. ...
  • Glenn Rhee. ...
  • Daryl Dixon. Daryl wasn't even a character in the comics, yet he continues to be a favorite.
6 Apr 2022

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Who has the most confirmed kills in The Walking Dead?

Negan - Kill Count: 265

Negan has the highest kill count of all the villains, accumulating to almost 300 deaths - including the infamous murders of Abraham and Glenn in Season 7 - and it's only expected to rise in his upcoming spin-off Dead City.

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Who is the best fighter in TWD?

Paul Rovia, otherwise known as Jesus, was arguably the most capable and skilled fighter The Walking Dead had seen. With a strong semblance of martial arts training, Jesus was incredibly agile, and that gave him a huge advantage against enemies who might have underestimated him due to his thin physicality.

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Who is the best Walking Dead villain?

The Walking Dead: Best Villains in the Series, Ranked
  • 8/9 Dawn.
  • 7/9 The Wolves.
  • 6/9 Gareth / Terminus.
  • 5/9 Shane.
  • 4/9 Merle.
  • 3/9 The Governor.
  • 2/9 Alpha, Beta & The Whisperers.
  • 1/9 Negan.
12 hours ago

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Who is fan Favourite in Walking Dead?

Negan is one of the most compelling characters on TV right now, and for good reason. He started off as one of the biggest villains of The Walking Dead ever and yet now, he has become a fan-favorite, with his character development often being compared to Daryl's over the course of the show.

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Who is the most underrated character in Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead: 10 Underrated Side-Characters
  • 8/10 Abraham Ford.
  • 7/10 Kelly.
  • 6/10 Aaron.
  • 5/10 Mary (Gamma)
  • 4/10 Dwight.
  • 3/10 Bob Stookey.
  • 2/10 Eastman.
  • 1/10 Tyreese Williams.
20 Mar 2021

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How many kills does Rick?

Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) - 54

However, Rick's most notable action is probably the time he chose not to kill, that being after defeating Negan.

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Who is the first human Rick kills?

Anyone remember how amazingly suspenseful this scene was? One of my all time favourite moments from the show!

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Is Negan stronger than governor?

But despite all the destruction and chaos the Governor caused, Negan was arguably the most dangerous and most powerful of the two. The Governor showed that he's cold-blooded enough to gun down dozens of people at once, but then, there's no reason to think that Negan wouldn't do the same.

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Who is Alpha to Negan?

Alpha (The Walking Dead)
OccupationLeader of the Whisperers
SpouseTelevision: Frank
Significant otherTelevision: Negan
ChildrenLydia (daughter) Comic: Conner (son-in-law)
8 more rows

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Who is more evil Negan or The Governor?

Negan would only kill one person in a group, and take half of there things, while The Governor would basically kill everyone from a rival group and take everything they had. The Governor is far more psychotic, which we see from him killing his closest friends and allies, and killing a dozen or two of his own people.

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Who is the strongest community in The Walking Dead?

The Commonwealth bears the distinction of being the largest and most successful Walking Dead community to date. With a population of 50,000 strong, the community prides itself on having everything from functioning hospitals, law firms, and even movie theaters for people to enjoy.

Who is the least favorite Walking Dead character? (2023)
Who is Rick's strongest enemy?

Fans were surprised when it was revealed that Rick's nemesis is none other than Mr. Nimbus, a seemingly harmless ocean-themed villain. Although, he does appear to be more powerful than he seems on the surface. As his tagline would suggest, "he controls the police," and that seems to be a pretty strong card to play.

Why do people like Daryl?

He defies easy judgment (This makes him vindicating for many) The character of Daryl vindicates different kinds of people in various ways because he so often subverts quick and easy judgments of him (and in general most people, in their better moments, subvert quick and easy judgments).

Is Rick or Daryl the main character?

Rick Grimes was the protagonist of the TV Series from Season 1 to Season 9 until his disappearance in "What Comes After". While not official, Daryl Dixon served as the de-facto protagonist for the remainder of the series.

What is the saddest episode of The Walking Dead?

The Most Emotional Moments in The Walking Dead
  • 5/5 Rick Reuniting with Carl and Lori.
  • 4/5 Tyreese's Death.
  • 3/5 The Group Finds Sofia.
  • 2/5 The Death of Carl Grimes.
  • 1/5 Glenn Rhee Murdered by Negan.
30 Jun 2022

What is the lowest rated TWD episode?

"Diverged" is The Walking Dead's lowest-rated episode ever.

Whose death was the saddest in The Walking Dead?

And of course – spoiler alert!
  • Honorable Mention: Rick (Season 9) Okay, so technically this wasn't a death, but it was an end to his character on the TV show. ...
  • Sophia (Season 2) ...
  • Siddiq (Season 10) ...
  • Sasha (Season 7) ...
  • Jesus (Season 9) ...
  • Merle (Season 3) ...
  • Lizzie And Mika (Season 4) ...
  • Lori (Season 3)
15 Sept 2022

Who is the last villain in Walking Dead?

Minerva, affectionately referred to as Minnie, is the central antagonist of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: The Final Season and the final antagonist of the whole series, serving as the secondary antagonist of the episode "Broken Toys", and the main antagonist of the episode "Take Us Back".

What is the highest rated Walking Dead episode?

The 13 Best Walking Dead Episodes
  • Season 2 Episode 7 – “Pretty Much Dead Already” ...
  • Season 4 Episode 8 – “Too Far Gone” ...
  • Season 6 Episode 2 – “JSS” ...
  • Season 7 Episode 8 – “Rock in the Road” ...
  • Season 9 Episode 15 – “The Calm Before” ...
  • Season 10 Episode 22 – “Here's Negan”
26 Sept 2022

How many years did they skip in The Walking Dead?

This confirms that the characters in the show have been fighting for their lives against the zombies between 12 and 13 years as of TWD season 11. When looking back at other time skips and rather accurate records that fans have composed for The Walking Dead timeline, this figure isn't all that surprising.

How old is Clementine at the end of The Walking Dead?

The character subsequently appeared in the 2021 series Skybound X and appear later in the comic book of the same name by Tillie Walden in 2022.
Clementine (The Walking Dead)
Age8-9 (Season One) 11 (Season Two) 13 (A New Frontier) 16-17 (The Final Season) 17 (Clementine Book One)
Height5'4 ¾ (1.64m)
Birth Year1994/1995
10 more rows

What is Rick's weakness?

Rick Sanchez: Arrogance

Haunted by his past though, Rick feels more alone than ever. That's not his weakness though, nor is his alcoholism. Ultimately, his main weakness is his arrogance. The reason he has become so isolated is that he pushes people away with his high and mighty attitude and superior intellect.

Who is the first zombie Rick sees?

9/10 Hannah Was The First Zombie That Rick Ran Into & He Made A Point Of Going Back To Kill Her. Many know Hannah as the bicycle girl due to how Rick fled the scene from her. She was the first zombie that Rick encountered, well before he knew what was going on in the world.

Who betrayed Rick?

Jadis betraying Rick. Jadis Stokes, originally born as Anne, is one of the main antagonists of The Walking Dead franchise.

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