Can you send candy in Europe? (2023)

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Can you send sweets to Europe?

When it comes to sending food items abroad via courier, the rules are relatively simple: You cannot send any food items that are classed as perishables (things that can go off or that can spoil during transit). This is the most important rule of all, and as long as you stick to this rule, you will be just fine.

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Can I send food in the post?

Non-perishable foods can be sent in the mail; however, perishable foods have tighter restrictions on how they need to be packaged and shipped. This applies to items that require refrigeration such as: Meat. Dairy products.

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Can you send candy from UK to US?

The simple answer is yes, with some specific restrictions. Usually food that is sent into the USA from the UK, needs to be approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration in America before it will be allowed into the USA.

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Can you send biscuits from UK to EU?

Can be sent(must not contain dairy or be of animal origin) : Sweets / Candy. Biscuits / Cookies.

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Can I send candy internationally?

Perishable items are illegal to ship to a foreign country. But there are food options and ways of packing food that will allow you to ship them overseas. For instance, items that have a shelf life of at least 6 months can ship if they are in their store-bought, sealed packaging.

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Can I send sweets internationally?

When it comes to sending food items abroad via courier, the rules are relatively simple: You cannot send any food items that are classed as perishables (things that can go off or that can spoil during transit). This is the most important rule of all, and as long as you stick to this rule, you will be just fine.

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Can I send sweets to Germany?

Food MUST have a shelf life of at least 6 months. Anything homemade or not in the original manufacture packaging will not be accepted. Food MUST contain a food label, listing the ingredients. Any food that has been opened, tampered will be prohibited.

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Can you send chocolate in the mail?

Take the chocolate product from refrigerated storage and place it straight inside the shipping box. Spacers such as bubble wrap can be used to prevent cold packs from freezing the chocolate. Place the required quantity of refrigerant gel packs in your box alongside the chocolate products.

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How do I ship chocolate internationally?

The best way to mail chocolate internationally is to either pick a company who specializes in shipping chocolate, such as ordering directly with Hershey's or M&Ms or find a distributor based in the country you wish to ship to.

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Can I mail a bag of candy?

Most candy can't be sent in the mail due to its different sizes and weights, but you can ship candy with the US Postal Service! If you're thinking of sending some candy through the mail, think again.

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What is the best way to ship candy?

USPS First Class Package is the Cheapest Service for Shipping Candy. Far and away, USPS is the best option out of all the major carriers for shipping candy. This is because USPS specializes in handling and delivering smaller, lightweight packages.

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Can I send Cadburys chocolate to USA?

How can I send chocolate to America? If you want to post chocolate abroad to any destination, including America, it is not advisable to send it via a standard courier or postal service. There are companies who specialise in sending food items abroad and they will be better placed to ship chocolate.

Can you send candy in Europe? (2023)
Can I take sweets from UK to EU?

You can no longer take products of animal origin, such as any food or drink contain meat or dairy, or plants and plant products into the EU in your luggage, vehicle, or person. There are certain exemptions to this rule for quantities of powdered infant milk, infant food, confectionary, specialised foods and pet feed.

What Cannot be sent to Europe?

Self-defence sprays like pepper spray. Counterfeit goods of any description. Some types of nut – such brazil nuts still in their shell. Mercury thermometers and other goods that contain potentially dangerous chemicals.

What can I not send to Europe?

  • Controlled drugs and narcotics. ...
  • Corrosives. ...
  • Counterfeit currency, bank notes and postage stamps. ...
  • Christmas Crackers. ...
  • Dry ice. ...
  • Electronic devices sent with or connected to lithium batteries. ...
  • Environmentally hazardous substances. ...
  • Environmental waste.

Is candy allowed through customs?

Bakery items, candy, chocolate, and dry mixes containing dairy and egg ingredients commercially labeled and presented in final finished packaging are generally admissible.

Can you send sweets by mail?

You can ship baked goods. If packaged well and sent via priority mail or overnight shipping, most baked goods will keep their freshness and form. It is best to freeze baked goods before shipping them. Sturdy items such as quick bread, unfrosted cakes, fruit/nut pies, cookies, and bars are the best-baked goods to ship.

Can candy go through customs?

Solid food items (not liquids or gels) can be transported in either your carry-on or checked bags. Liquid or gel food items larger than 3.4 oz are not allowed in carry-on bags and should be placed in your checked bags if possible.

What items Cannot be mailed internationally?

The following items that are not labeled in English, or without FDA-approved labeling requirements:
  • Non-prescription medications.
  • Dietary supplements.
  • Cosmetics.
  • Food.

Can you send chocolate to another country?

Can You Send Chocolate Abroad? If you want to send your chocolate overseas, it's good to know that most countries accept non-perishable foods, such as chocolate, into their country and through customs with no issues. There are some exceptions, for example you can't ship Kinder eggs into America.

Can I send sweets to Spain?

Food items will still be allowed in as long as they are non-perishable, ambient and sealed in manufacturers' packaging. So chocolate, sweets, biscuits, crisps, snacks and all the other goodies that go into our Gift Boxes are fine to send, although customs will occasionally inspect a parcel to check its contents.

Can I send sweets to France from UK?

Sending a parcel from the UK to France

The first thing to note is that there are restrictions on sending food items or plants to the UK – you can find a list of restricted items here, and, unfortunately, it does include popular items such as chocolates and suet puddings.

Can you send snacks through DHL?

Our guaranteed end-to-end cold chain control solution ensures we deliver products in the best and freshest conditions. Our cold chain experts handle all types of perishables and sensitive food products from -30°C to +30°C across our worldwide network.

Can you send sweets in the post to France?

Finally, when sending a gift containing a gourmet items you are limited to sending non-perishable items. So items such as cheeses and fruits are out of the question.

Will candy melt in the mail?

If you're sending a gift that contains food items like a chocolate bar or pieces of fudge, you might want to reconsider. These items are almost guaranteed to melt, especially if sent during warmer times of the year. Instead, send chocolate chip cookies, brownies, or even hot cocoa mix.

How do you keep candy from melting in the mail?

You want a shipping container big enough to provide enough cushioning for your candy. The secret to how to ship candy without it melting is including a cold pack in your package. Prior to mailing your gift, make certain there is a tight seal, and the labeling is clear.

Can you mail candy and cookies?

For cookies, fudge, dessert bars, and candies that have a tendency to stick to each other I recommend either wrapping them individually in plastic wrap or layering them with pieces of wax paper in between each. For nuts and popcorn, choose a sturdy airtight container.

Can I ship chocolate overseas without it melting?

Wrap the chocolate you want to ship in cling film. Put the chocolate in a cooler box. Add cooling agents like gel ice packs or dry ice at the bottom of the box. Place the cooling box into a larger cardboard box and fill all the empty spaces.

How can I send chocolate overseas without melting?

Here are some packaging materials you should consider:
  1. Insulated box – There are many kinds of shipping boxes for your chocolates. ...
  2. Bubble wrap – Used to stabilise the inside of your package. ...
  3. Cold packs – Sealed in plastic bags, these cold packs help maintain the coolness of your goods and act as a portable refrigerator.
11 Oct 2018

Should I freeze chocolate before mailing?

Regardless of whether you can delay the delivery schedule or not, it's important to ensure that your chocolate products are chilled before shipping. However, there are some products that must be stored at room temperature to maintain their taste.

What kind of candy can you mail?

Hard candies– especially those that are individually wrapped like peppermints, strawberry buds, fruit drops, sour balls, and Jawbreakers— should keep exceptionally well and not create a mess in your care package.

Can I ship candy through FedEx?

We don't recommend shipping perishables via FedEx 2Day®, FedEx 2Day® Freight, or FedEx Express Saver®. If you choose one of those services, make sure your packaging will protect your products for at least 12 hours longer than the delivery commitment time. Don't ship perishables via FedEx Ground.

Can you freeze chocolate for shipping?

Shipping chocolates to warm-weather climates means stowing the chocolate safely in an insulated box with a frozen cool pack.

Can you mail chips and candy?

Food gifts that can be safely mailed include dried products such as jerky and fruits, shelf stable canned specialties, and regional condiments such as hot sauces. Homemade cookies, candy, and low-moisture breads and bar cookies are also good candidates for mailing. Perishable foods are not safe to mail.

Can I send sweets to the USA?

Food items are allowed in as long as they are non-perishable, ambient and sealed in manufacturers' packaging. So chocolate, sweets, biscuits, crisps, snacks and all the other goodies that go into our Gift Boxes are fine to send, although customs will occasionally inspect a parcel to check its contents.

Can you send candy to the US?

Food can only be shipped to the U.S. if it is being sent from one individual (not a company), to another individual. Customs forms must clearly be marked “gift” and state that the food is for personal consumption. You will also require a full list of the ingredients to be included for Customs.

Can I send chocolate from France to USA?

Breath easy! Chocolate and sweets are totally allowed in. US Customs and Border Protection noted in a list published on their site that “breads, cakes, cookies, and other bakery goods” are all welcome stateside.

Can you bring candy into Europe?

If the food items are snacks that are commercially packaged and remain closed, it is generally fine to bring across borders. Bags of chips, nuts, candy, and similar foods that are not quickly perishable are acceptable.

What Cannot be taken from UK to EU?

You cannot take the following with you into the EU : meat or products containing meat. milk or dairy products.

What food is not allowed into EU from UK?

Products of animal origin can carry pa- thogens that cause dangerous infectious diseases. As a general rule, you cannot bring meat, meat products, milk and milk products (e.g. charcuterie, cheese, yogurt) into the EU. You must declare any animal products you have in your luggage and present them to Customs.

Can I take chocolate to Europe?

*Confectionery, chocolate or cakes (including Christmas cake, Simnel cake or cakes containing nuts) are permitted from any country as long as they are for your personal consumption and do not contain fresh cream or high levels of dairy products.

Can you send food internationally?

Perishable items are materials that can deteriorate in the mail, such as live animals, food, and plants. Permissible perishable items are sent at the mailer's own risk. These items must be specially packaged and mailed so that they arrive before they begin to deteriorate.

Can I take packaged food to Europe?

When traveling to an EU country, you cannot bring milk, meat, or animal products from a country outside the EU. Food taken onboard must be packed in commercially branded packaging with an expiry date on it. The majority of airlines prohibit passengers from carrying products with a short shelf-life.

Can I send gifts to Europe?

You will need to complete a customs declaration (CN22 or CN23) for any gifts and goods sent abroad. Items sent without a customs declaration (CN22 or CN23) or an incorrectly or partially completed declaration may be delayed or returned to sender. Items containing Personal Correspondence do not require a CN22 or CN23.

What happens if you send prohibited items?

In some cases, the courier services simply take the prohibited items out of the package and continue with the delivery process. They might also ship these items back to the sender. The courier service confiscates the items. In this case, they will likely destroy the package.

What Cannot be sent in a parcel?

Remains - human and animal remains, including ashes. Safety - packages which would be likely to cause damage to other packages, equipment, staff, or the general public goods which are insufficiently packed. Tobacco products - cigarettes, cigars, electronic cigarettes, tobacco.

What Cannot be shipped to Europe?

Shipping restrictions vary by country and may apply to items such as explosives, combustibles, firearms, and corrosives, which are subject to special controls. In the European Union, restricted or prohibited goods fall in three categories – pirated or counterfeit goods, dangerous chemicals, and endangered species.

Can I send baked goods to Europe?

As baked goods are perishable items, most courier companies don't recommend shipping them. However, people do still choose to ship baked goods at their own responsibility. If you decide to mail baked goods, insurance won't apply to your shipment.

Do you have to declare candy at Customs?

Yes, all food items and products must be declared when entering the U.S. You may be able to bring in food such as fruits, meats or other agricultural products depending on the region or country from which you are traveling.

Can you ship candy in the mail?

Before sending chocolate in the mail, use food-safe candy packaging to keep your sweets safe. Then, once individually taken care of, cushion and box your package in a larger shipping container. When you're picking out your shipping container, make sure it's large enough for cushioning, a cold pack, and your chocolates.

What food can you not take to Europe?

You cannot take the following with you into the EU : meat or products containing meat.
Taking meat and dairy products into the EU
  • powdered infant milk.
  • infant food.
  • special food for the dietary management of a diagnosed disease, disorder or medical condition.
  • pet food required for medical reasons.

Can I send food to Europe after Brexit?

Yes, you will have to pay tax and import duties for customs clearance when exporting goods to and from Europe after Brexit for goods exceeding the value of £135.

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